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Management Experience

The president of Sams Lift Truck Service is a third generation mechanic/technician. Decades of technology has been handed down, from automotive and aviation industries to marine and material handling industries. Many of the mechanical and engineering components interweave. Since 1974 he has had 16 years direct lift truck parts and management experience plus more than 20 years additional combined mechanical and parts experience which gives him a unique knowledge and history of our industry. We have unmatched parts experience!




Service Technicians

Our dedicated uniformed service technicians have many years of experience repairing all makes of forklifts be it a Gas, LPG or Electrical forklift built in the 1950’s or today! They are willing to discuss any issues or concerns about your equipment. We encourage “Shop Talk” communication among the technicians, this keeps each aware of most repairs that have been performed or need be done on customer’s trucks. This helps keep our customer’s costs down by reducing diagnostic and down time.


Onsite Maintenance Programs

Our onsite pro-active maintenance programs are individually designed to help meet your budgetary conditions, usage, environment and schedule to avoid untimely and costly breakdowns. We also use the most environmentally friendly techniques to dispose of waste material.


In Shop Repair or Overhaul

Our fully equipped shop is ready to take care of your major repairs or overhauls. Most repairs can be performed onsite, however today, many companies do not like messy, dirty repairs performed in their clean warehouse/plant or simply do not have the space for the repair to be done safely. The cost of traveling back and forth to clean, repair components and pick up various parts is also sometimes not economical, therefore the lift truck is sent in to our shop for the repair. We have the capability to repair any component of your lift truck that is repairable. Whether it be overhauling the engine, transmission, upright or even painting your forklift to like new OEM condition, we take pride in the work we do. We always provide an estimate prior to proceeding with the required repair work.

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